Overcoming Fear

God gave Joseph dreams when he was a child. It was God’s way of showing Joseph how God was going to use him to bless his family and the nation of Israel. This however in no way was made Joseph’s life easier. Rather, he had to endure many hardships before the fulfillment of what he had dreamed. The scripture tells us over and again in this story that the Lord was with Joseph. It’s very true for our lives as Christians. There are times in our lives when we struggle with many kinds of fears. And one of those fears is the fear of giving or tithing. Statistics show only 5% Christians in America tithe. And those who do they tithe only 2.5%. Could this be out of fear of not having enough for our family needs if we gave more. It works quite to the opposite. Statics also show that 80% givers have no credit card debt. God Loves Cheerful Givers. In this sermon Rev. Nadeem talks about overcoming the fear of giving.