Real Mercy – Real Judgement

In the beginning of Exodus, Pharaoh ordered the killing of Hebrew male children. God does not forget that, and judges Pharaoh for the evil that he brought to God’s people, about eighty years ago. This is the final plague that God brought to the Egyptians, and killed every first-born son in Egypt, including the first born of Pharaoh. But God showed mercy to the Israelites. God commanded Moses to remember this pass this story to the generations to come, so they know that God’s mercy and judgement, both are real. Today, a lot of Christians tend to think of Jesus a loving, submissive and merciful, son of God, and indeed that is who Jesus is. However, when Jesus returns, he will come to judge. Christians ought to balance the message of the cross; and proclaim God’s mercy without compromising God’s judgement.