Crenshaw Hosts Team Rubicon – A Note of Gratitude from Lea Ruscio

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led nonprofit that helps communities after disasters or in times of crisis. Traditionally that has taken the form of international medical operations, or, here at home in the US, cutting down damaged trees, tarping roofs, or mucking out houses after natural disasters. More recently, our role has grown to include other unmet community needs like food bank work and support to COVID testing and vaccination sites. As the Afghan resettlement efforts began, we found a new role, in donations management for the displaced Afghan families at bases throughout the US.

Some of our members have served in Afghanistan and can testify to times where our allies’ actions saved American troops and personnel – for them, this is a chance to give back. Others are motivated by the fundamental humanitarian need: these people left their homes behind, fleeing halfway around the world, with only the clothes on their back. Our role here is small, but the simple act of giving someone a fresh set of clothes, diapers for their baby, or soap and shampoo – that has an immeasurable impact.

We are proud to carry out this service mission here at Fort Pickett, and we are grateful for all of the support that makes it possible. Crenshaw United Methodist Church’s support in particular has been key to our ability to be here. You have given us a place to stay and a roof over our heads, but even more so, you have given us a welcoming home. I cannot express enough how much that support means to us, so I will simply say: Thank you! For the warm welcome, the use of your space, the meals, the encouraging words, the donations to the cause. For all the ways in which you have helped and shown support: many many thanks!

Lea Ruscio
Field Operations Lead, Cleveland Metro Area