This week is All Saints Day Sunday, and in worship we will remember and honor the saints of the Crenshaw family. Saints, who lived a faithful and God honoring life and have claimed resurrection, saints and who are among us and continue to make this world a better place by doing no harm, doing good and staying in love with God. According to Paul the apostle, a saint is someone who is “sanctified in Christ Jesus.” This means no one is a saint by birth, but they are called to become saints. One example that I will focus on in the sermon this Sunday is of Matthew, one of the twelve apostles, saints so to speak. Matthew wasn’t someone who was born as a saint. Rather, he was a tax collector, a worst among the sinners, as the Jews of that time would think of him. However, despite his sinful human condition, Jesus called him. And Matthew left everything and followed Jesus. Once a sinner would become a saint that will be remembered until the ends of the earth. As Christians, how would Jesus like for us to live our calling to be saints in this world, following the example of those who have gone before us? After all, like Matthew, despite all our flaws, Jesus calls us to be saints.

Many people in Biblical and world history made a huge difference when they spoke up. Many have changed the course of history by speaking up. Moses spoke up before the most powerful man of that time. Daniel spoke up when he was offered the choice of food that was unclean according to his religious belief. Prophet Nathan spoke up before David and called him out to his face the sins of adultery and murder that David had committed. Jesus constantly confronted the Pharisees and spoke up to their face, calling them hypocrites. Some committed Americans spoke up that they wanted freedom, and the world witnessed history taking a turn. Martin Luther King spoke up against injustice and slavery issues. The list can go on. This week, we learn from a great woman in the Bible who spoke the right words at the right time, saving hundreds of thousands of Jews in Persia. We know this great woman of the Bible by the name of Esther. I will focus on chapter 4:9-17 of the book of Esther and talk about how Esther changed the history of the Jews by being bold and speaking the right words at the right time.

Join us this week as Don Knight shares a message for Laity Sunday. Sometimes our circumstances feel set in stone… what happens then?! Tune in to hear more "When God Doesn't Change Our Circumstances."

This week will be the last sermon of the sermon series “What Makes the Mission Possible?” In the sermon “Being of The Same Mind in the Lord,” Pastor Nadeem will focus on Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians church 4:1-7 and talk about how we can grow as a joyful church that others want to be a part of, and those already in, feel more part of this family. In one of the previous sermons in this series Pastor Nadeem discussed the power of relationships and how they make our Christian mission possible. Tune in to hear more about how deeper and meaningful relationships help a church family experience more and more joy!

Pastor Nadeem continues the sermon series “What Makes the Mission Possible?” and this week in the sermon he focuses on Luke 4:14-19 and the relation between the Christian Mission and the Good News. How does the Good News make the mission possible? Tune in to learn more!

Last Sunday Pastor Nadeem began a new sermon series “What Makes the Mission Possible?” In this four week sermon series we are revisiting the Biblical view of the Christian Mission and find that mission is much more than running a ministry program or carrying out a local or international rebuilding project. The series aims to help us as a Crenshaw family to learn God’s view of Mission and evaluate how Crenshaw is responding to Jesus’ call to the mission. Pastor Nadeem focuses on a well-known parable in the Gospel of Luke chapter 10 the parable of the Good Samaritan. Last week in the sermon I said that building relationship is an important component of our Christian Mission, and this parable is a great example. It is far deeper than just helping someone in need. I will focus what Jesus wants to teach us about building long-term relationships.

Pastor Nadeem begins a new sermon series this Sunday entitled “What Makes the Mission Possible?” In this four-week sermon series we will revisit the Biblical view of the Christian Mission and find that mission is much more than running a ministry program or carrying out a local or international rebuilding project. Beginning with Matthew 28:16-20. a text this is also known to describe the Great Commission; Jesus sends his Disciples to go and make disciples from all nations and people. Join us as we talk about what the Great Commission means for the local church and how we, as a church family, are responding to this call.

This Sunday, we celebrated our Youth as they were confirmed in their faith! Pastor Nadeem shared a message entitled “Now What?” which focused on Matthew 7:24-27 and discussed the meaning and significance of confirmation in the life of a Christian youth, and what is next after being confirmed. This is only the beginning!

As we continue our series on Apocalypse, Pastor Nadeem focuses on Chapter 19:6-9 in the book of Revelation.

Here, we take a minute to image a world without war, where unending joy and everlasting peace exist, where there is no evil, and where we live with others without persecution, scarcity or evil. These things can be hard to imagine – but there is good news! Not only will this world exist with the second coming of Christ, but YOU are invited!

Join Pastor Nadeem this week as we ponder the invitation to the Banquet.
Will you attend the banquet?
How important is this invitation to you?
What excuses get in the way of being at the table with Jesus Christ?
Are you too busy to attend?

There will be a great celebration for all invited guests. The question is, are we willing to attend.

This week, Pastor Nadeem focuses on the 16th chapter of Revelation. Within this chapter, we will enter the last set of God’s judgement during the Great Tribulation as well as the seven plagues that demonstrate God’s wrath for unrepentant human beings.
Within his sermon, Pastor Nadeem shares God’s desire for his people to stay awake and remain clothed for his coming. In verse 15 of chapter 16 Jesus says, “Look I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.”
What does it mean to stay awake and remain clothed, and how can we do it?

When you hear the word “Good News” what is the first thing that you think about?
This week, Pastor Nadeem continues the sermon series “Apocalypse” with a focus on the 14th chapter of Revelation. Here, he discusses the in depth meaning of the “Good News.” What makes the news the Good News and what is the significance of it for people on earth especially those called Christians? If there is a Good News, there must be some bad news in the world too? What is it the bad news and what makes it bad? Within the book of Revelation we learn that God will use special messenger to spread the Good News so that every human being anywhere on earth will have the opportunity to hear and believe. However, before that hour comes, God appoints those who already have heard and believed, the “Bearers of the Good News.” Listen as Pastor Nadeem shares more about your role as the messenger of the Good News!