This week, we continue with the sermon series “Apocalypse”. Reverend Nadeem takes us through Revelation 4:1-6 which speaks of the rapture of the church, the believers, and those who have lived faithfully.
So many questions and thoughts come up when reading about the rapture and events before and after the rapture. What exactly is the rapture? Is rapture real? Will some people just disappear, what will that be like? Some believe the rapture is just symbolic. What is the truth? Reverend Nadeem explains the biblical roots of the rapture to help us better understand what the rapture is and how having a “Messiah Clause” in our every day decisions can help us be prepared to be raptured or caught up when Jesus comes.

Continuing with the sermon series entitled “Apocalypse,” Pastor Nadeem focuses on scripture from Revelation 2:1-6 while also giving an overview of the seven churches discussed in chapter 2 and 3 of Revelation.

To the church who remained faithful, Jesus commends, but to others he condemns. To those who remained steadfast, Jesus promised the right to eat from the tree of life. What kind of church will share in the fruit from that tree? Join us, as Pastor Nadeem shares what it looks like to remain faithful and steadfast, and how although we all fall short, what we can do next that can help us return to our first love over and over.

Pastor Nadeem begins a new sermon series entitled “Apocalypse” and focuses on the book of Revelation.

The book of Revelation can be confusing, intimidating and even a little terrifying. With vivid details, and complex language, understanding the message of the book is no easy feat. The book of Revelation is, in fact, God’s cheat sheet for his people to help them know and prepare for the end times. It’s also an invitation to trust the living Jesus, even when life is not how we would like it to be. As we focus on Revelation 1:9-18 in today’s sermon, the text offers certainty of the joy and hope of the resurrection because Jesus is alive forever and ever and will one day come to take us to be with him.

This week, Reverend Nadeem invites you to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! On this special Sunday we remember the first Easter declared by the women. By focusing on the Easter story through the Apostle John’s perspective in John 20:1-18, we wonder; what would it have been like to experience the empty tomb? Reverend Nadeem discusses the “Profound and Unexpected Change” in the lives of some of the women and the disciples on the first Easter morning.

Does it ever feel like life is going well, and then all of a sudden we’re in the middle of a mess? Reverend Nadeem discusses how each decision, and action throughout our day creates a sequence of events that leads us to where we are in this very moment. He challenges us to think about what it would feel like to feel fully restored, and how being intentional with our daily spiritual habits can bring us closer to Christ and help us live fully restored.

Reverend Nadeem begins a Lenten Series that will help us contemplate how we can live a life feeling “restored.” Join us as he discusses the importance of acknowledging our own messes.

Jesus is God – this is the message of the gospel of John. Many in the world today, including so called Christians say that Jesus was just another good teacher or a prophet. Many non-believer scholars argue that Jesus never claimed to be God. But that is not true. Jesus on many occasions made claims to be God. Jesus does what God does. He knows what God knows. He has the power to give life. And, he will judge. No one else, but Jesus has been given the authority to judge.

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