Pastor Nadeem continues preaching sermon series “What Sort of Man is This” and in this sermon focuses on Mark 1: 21-28 and talk about Jesus’ authority as the teacher. In this text the Jewish congregation in Capernaum was surprised at his sermon because Jesus spoke as an authority and didn’t try to prove his points by quoting others—so forthright, so confident—not quibbling and quoting like the religion scholars. Scribes spoke ABOUT God, but Jesus spoke FOR God. Pastor Nadeem teaches how can submitting to Jesus’ authority as the teacher change our lives and help us grow in our relationship to Jesus?

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Rev. Tim Beck joins us again this Sunday, as we continue to dive deeper into the “Ask It!” series. In this sermon, we begin to focus on Time and how scripture tells us our days and the amount of time we have here on Earth already determined. When we begin to think about how we spend our time, does it align with our own values, and is that time helping us draw closer to God?

As we begin a new year, we’re also beginning a new Sermon Series that will continue throughout the month of January. Reverend Tim Beck, joins us today to begin our “Ask It!” series. In today’s sermon, Reverend Tim Beck discusses how frequently we make choices throughout each day, and what each of those decisions might look like if we posed a question: In light of my past experiences, my current circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams…what is the wise thing to do?

Justin Adams focuses on John 3:16 and talks about the greatest gift that God gave the world. He encourages us to unwrap the gift.

We gather together for our annual Christmas Eve Candlelight service as Rev. Nadeem shares what true Peace can feel like and how this gift of Peace has already been given to us as Christians.

Rev. Nadeem shares the integral part that Joseph plays in the birth of Jesus. We hear how The Love of Emmanuel was demonstrated through Joseph’s life and how that love impacted Jesus, Mary and ultimately our redemption.

Christians, who belong to Jesus Christ should be the people that have great joy in our lives by default. Just imagine if others saw lives and coveted the joy and came to us wondering and wanting to have what we have. The Mega JOY! But the fact of the matter is that for many Christians this JOY is a fantasy. In the sermon, while pastor Nadeem teaches and explains the original setting of the Inn and Manger or stable in Jesus time, which were very different than what we see today in the nativity scenes, he talks about the source of true joy and that how we can receive and experience that joy in our lives.

This Sunday Steven Knotts, Crenshaw’s lay speaker shares a meditation on what Christ said about peace and what it means to us, as Christians, in our day to day lives.

In this sermon, Rev. Nadeem Jesus focuses on the genealogical record of Jesus Christ in the gospel of Matthew chapter 1 and talks about how God uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect purposes. God uses all imperfect people in Jesus’ family to fulfill His purpose and promise to bring into the world a perfect human being, our savior, Jesus Christ. God’s plan still continues and He gladly uses us, imperfect people, to accomplish His perfect purpose.