Our prayer may not be answered as we desire, but our simple devotion of prayer can change our lives and situation we may be in. Daniel was a man who knew God’s will for his daily life.  The reason was that prayer was a daily habit of his life that enabled him to develop a wonderful relationship to the Lord.  In the sermon Rev. Nadeem talks about devotion of prayer and why is it so essential for our lives.

Jesus Resurrection is a true news, not a made-up story. In the sermon Rev. Nadeem offers at least three reasons to support the resurrection as a true event. He also invites you to receive a spiritual resurrection on this day, which is to die to your old life and resurrect to a new in Jesus Christ.

“Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” On Palm Sunday, amid the excitement of the crowd, Jesus entered triumphantly into the city of Jerusalem. But it is also important to capture the irony of the day. For as Jesus continued his journey towards the cross the crowd’s cries changed to shouts of “Crucify him!” Palm Sunday reminds us Jesus’ passion for humans.

Jesus began his journey to the cross realizing what was going to happen.  He knew that his human life was finite and using his time well was important.  We are called to follow Jesus and live as he lived. Following Christ requires that we stop doing all the things we want to do and actually follow Christ. In the sermon Pastor Nadeem talks about what it means to putting down our own self-determination for the sake of experiencing abundant life that Christ offers. 

People often say that it is not as easy to interact with Christ today as it was during Biblical times.  Now that Jesus’ physical presence is no longer with us, not everyone can see him. Not everyone, but there are those who can. And you are among those? When no one else can see Jesus physically, those who follow him, can see and experience.

Jesus today in a real and tangible way. In the sermon Pastor Nadeem talks about how can you see Jesus like a real person with a physical body?

One of the most interesting questions asked is this – Who was Jesus?  Some people say that he was a nice man, some say that his life was a nice story, others say that he was a lunatic, and finally, some say that he was the Messiah.  Jesus is Lord, we Christians believe. Lord over everything. But is Jesus Lord of your life?  In the sermon Pastor Nadeem talks about what saying and believing that Jesus is Lord of your life actually means. 

If Jesus was a rebel, what does that mean for us and our faith?  We are told that our attitude should be the same as that of Jesus.  Yet, many of us have become very comfortable and, even, passive.  We don’t simply need to hear the words that Jesus shares, we also need to put them into practice.  In the sermon, Pastor Nadeem talks about what living a revolutionary lifestyle like Christ looks like.

The scriptures from the Old Testament of the Bible tell that abandoning God and worshiping idols was what led to the destruction of the Davidic Monarchy. In this sermon Rev. Nadeem talks about the possible idols in our lives that we worship without even realizing. These are the idols in disguise that we don’t recognize but worship them day and night.

Epiphany Sunday

Through the story of the prophet Simeon, God calls us to live in a “perhaps today” attitude. What does it mean to live our life with this attitude? How will this attitude affect our lives and those around us?