1st Advent Sunday

Some of his disciples, namely, the women, saw Jesus’ empty tomb and the angel and believed, recalling the words of Jesus regarding the resurrection. The men, however, do not believe the women or Jesus’ predictions of his rising on the third day. They lack the courage of hope, the ability to believe despite all the facts that point otherwise that God’s power is sufficient to bring new life to the circumstances we suffer. As the followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to have hope and offer that to those around us.

Jesus once told his disciples that they were to follow him, it would mean taking up a cross and following him. The sermon aims to teach: what “crosses” does Jesus ask us to pick up today? What keeps us from following him, picking up our cross, as he did on the road to Golgotha?

God’s calling in our lives and our response.

James exhorts that you can control horses by putting bits in their mounts, huge ships can be steered with the help of a small rudder but taming a small organ in human body, called tongue, is almost impossible. However, for right living, controlling our tongue is extremely important. God wants us to use our tongue to bless and encourage others not to cause discouragements and hurt. To learn to control our tongue, begins with examining our speech.

It is not enough for us to be the center of our own universe. We want to be the center of everyone else’s (friends/family, etc) as well as the center of God’s universe. In this sermon, Rev. Nadeem talks about one of the ways to live our lives with a “Perhaps Today” attitude. Living our lives with this attitude becomes easier when we make Jesus Christ the center of our life. Hear more in the sermon about what it can mean for you to live a Christ-centered life.