Watch out Crenshaw! Watch us grow!

2023 has been a year of growing growing growing! Let’s keep watering and planting seeds!

“Youth” Sunday school has been led by Sara and Travis Andrews and Candace Barnette since September 2022. The roll was approximately 8-10 at the beginning. Every Sunday a new face arrives!

The original classroom space was outgrown and over the past month the classroom moved to the second floor. This past Sunday attendance was 17 students and 2 adults. It is a good thing that there is a partition in that room! I am thinking we may need to open that space up again! God is Good!

The pictures in this email show a wonderful time of fellowship planned by these amazing leaders. Interesting observation….7 of the faces you see in the pictures on the blog…..are Guests! Challenge to adults? Invite someone to church! Enjoy the goodness of our Lord and click on the pictures!