Children of Crenshaw United Methodist Church

Welcome to

Crenshaw kids!

From nursery to 4th grade!

A place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand in hand.

We believe that the best way to prepare our kids for the future is to help them fall in love with Jesus and invest in their lives.

We teach biblical truth and help kids apply these truths in real life.

Sunday School is open for registration!

Events & Ministry

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Nursery - 4th Grade

Religious Education

Nursery &
Pre-K Care

Sunday mornings

Kindergarten -
4th Grade

Sunday mornings

Music Education &

Wednesday evenings

Dance & Singing

Worship hour

Children of Crenshaw United Methodist Church

Social Activities

Easter "Bunny Breakfast"
& Egg Hunt

Family Pool &
Picnic Outings


Movie Nights

Craft Nights