As we continue our series on Apocalypse, Pastor Nadeem focuses on Chapter 19:6-9 in the book of Revelation.

Here, we take a minute to image a world without war, where unending joy and everlasting peace exist, where there is no evil, and where we live with others without persecution, scarcity or evil. These things can be hard to imagine – but there is good news! Not only will this world exist with the second coming of Christ, but YOU are invited!

Join Pastor Nadeem this week as we ponder the invitation to the Banquet.
Will you attend the banquet?
How important is this invitation to you?
What excuses get in the way of being at the table with Jesus Christ?
Are you too busy to attend?

There will be a great celebration for all invited guests. The question is, are we willing to attend.

This week, Pastor Nadeem focuses on the 16th chapter of Revelation. Within this chapter, we will enter the last set of God’s judgement during the Great Tribulation as well as the seven plagues that demonstrate God’s wrath for unrepentant human beings.
Within his sermon, Pastor Nadeem shares God’s desire for his people to stay awake and remain clothed for his coming. In verse 15 of chapter 16 Jesus says, “Look I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.”
What does it mean to stay awake and remain clothed, and how can we do it?

When you hear the word “Good News” what is the first thing that you think about?
This week, Pastor Nadeem continues the sermon series “Apocalypse” with a focus on the 14th chapter of Revelation. Here, he discusses the in depth meaning of the “Good News.” What makes the news the Good News and what is the significance of it for people on earth especially those called Christians? If there is a Good News, there must be some bad news in the world too? What is it the bad news and what makes it bad? Within the book of Revelation we learn that God will use special messenger to spread the Good News so that every human being anywhere on earth will have the opportunity to hear and believe. However, before that hour comes, God appoints those who already have heard and believed, the “Bearers of the Good News.” Listen as Pastor Nadeem shares more about your role as the messenger of the Good News!

Last Sunday, Pastor Nadeem spoke about the coming of the Antichrist at the end times, and how will he deceive the nations. We also discussed other antichrists of the past and even our days that teach and act against Christ, in the guise of Christ.
This Sunday, Pastor Nadeem continues with chapter 13 of the book of Revelation and focuses on the false Prophet of the end times. Through this prophetic literature, Revelation, Jesus has already revealed to us that the false prophet will appear on the face of the earth and perform many miraculous signs, including healing the deadly wound of the Antichrist. Nations and peoples will be deceived by what the false prophet will say and do in those days. Join us as we cover two important topics in this sermon entitled “The Bible, Tradition, and Culture.” First, how the modern false prophets of this age are deceiving people through their flattery words? And second, how can you recognize these false prophets, who may appear zealous for Christ from the outside?

The world is being deceived. Everything that we thought traditionally was right is now called wrong and everything we traditionally called wrong is now called right. The world is deceived by the lies. And one day there will come someone who will deceive the entire world, he is known as the Antichrist. The Bible says that the Antichrist will deceive most of the world, except those who will know the truth. Therefore, knowing Christ is critical to recognize the Antichrists of this world. Pastor Nadeem continues the sermon series “Apocalypse” (The Book of Revelation) with a focus on chapter 13:1-10. Here, he discusses the Antichrist and the number 666. Both, the old and new testaments speak about the coming of the Antichrist. Even Jesus warned about the Antichrist lest we are deceived.

This week, Pastor Nadeem focuses on Revelation 12:13-17 and discusses the grace and mercy of our father in heaven. Chapter 12 talks about a dragon and a woman who gives birth to a child. While the dragon in this text is identified as the devil, Pastor Nadeem shares more about the woman, child and their significance in this story within the book of Revelation. Join us to hear more about how this story unfolds and how this story reminds us of the unconditional love of our heavenly father.

This week, Pastor Nadeem focuses on Revelation chapter 10:1-7 & speaks on how God wants us to revere, glorify, and obey God even when we don’t understand what happens in this world and in our own lives.
There are a lot of heavenly realms beyond our comprehension. God has revealed Himself as well as matters pertaining to human beings only to the extent God wants. There is a still a lot that is a mystery until the end of times when God will unveil them. In this text what the seven thunders said will not be revealed until their proper time. When there is mystery, uncertainty and unanswered questions, Pastor Nadeem shares what we can cling to, and what truths can help us stand firm in the midst of the things we don’t yet understand.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the prayers you lift up to God. Why the prayers are not granted the way people want and expect? This Sunday, Pastor Nadeem continues the sermon series on the book of Revelation with a focus on chapter eight. In this chapter John has a vision of another set of judgements unleashed with the blowing of the trumpets. John also sees the prayers of the saints in the presence of God and God’s action in response to those prayers. Entitled “Heavenly Realm and the Prayers of the Believers,” Pastor Nadeem explains the meaning of each trumpet call and judgement and the different reasons for the delay in answers to our prayers within this sermon.

We continue our sermon series “APOCALYPSE” and in this sermon entitled “Counterfeit Jesus,” I will focus Revelation 6:1-8. In this text God shows the apostle John four horses, also known as the horses of the apocalypse. The rider on a white horse is imitating Jesus pretending as if he is bringing peace on earth. But we meet a counterfeit Jesus. The text teaches that we meet the forces in the world that may look or sound like they are true and from God but, they are from Satan. God warns us to be on our guard of false prophets, pastors, their teachings, and the worldly things that are so deceptive. Tune in to hear more about how to identify these forces and confront them.