Genesis Chapter 4 tells that Cain, the first child ever born on earth became a murderer and killed his younger brother Abel. This murder was out of jealousy and anger that Cain had toward Abel. God warned Cain about sin that was crouching at the door, but he wouldn’t listen and let the sin rule over him.

What was the result? God desires for us, as he desired for Cain, to rule over sin, and not let the sin rule over us. Pastor Nadeem continues the sermon series on the Book of Genesis and in his sermon this week he challenges to set aside jealousy, anger and hatred that we might have towards someone and reconcile. It’s another way that we can rule over sin.

Adam and Eve were created in the image of God. After they sinned, they hid from God. But God came looking for them and called “Where are you?” Like Adam and Eve when we sin, it brings us shame and guilt and we hide from God. We tend to draw even farther from the Lord. On the contrary, God actively looks for us. Despite our sin, God calls us as he called Adam and Eve in the garden, “Where are You?” God wants to cover our shame and nakedness and we need to be found. Watch this sermon video as Pastor Nadeem talks about how the story of this first couple is also our story.