The Book of Revelation can seem mysterious and scary; bowls of wrath, sharp sickles, and commands to reap the earth are the stuff of nightmares.

What does it all mean?

In this sermon, Rev. Nadeem talks about the great tribulation period and God’s plan of redemption.

The Book of Revelation is a fascinating, difficult, yet powerful book. Many readers see it as a step-by-step road map to the future. But what if this apocalyptic literature points not only to future events but also guides Christians on how to remain faithful in the midst of hardship in the present time?

On June 20th, we began a new sermon series on the book of Revelation and explore this unusual book and discover how to find peace even when the world seems full of chaos. And what a great comfort to know that we are and will not be alone when enduring a time of hardship. John received this revelation while exiled on a remote island. The message that encouraged John still speaks to us today.

Rev. Nadeem focuses on how being in the presence of God gives us the ability to resist the demands of the world and encourage others to remain faithful.